Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Once you're cooking for 4 people, why not make it 120?

Remind me to look back at this blog when I start to complain about how I can never finish my knitting, or that I am the slowest knitter to ever walk the earth.

On Saturday, the Ladies of The Rail Garden hosted our final Community Dinner of the planting season.  It never sounds like a big deal until the night before 130 of our friends, family and neighbours show up to eat dinner. 

Four women planned a menu that includes amazing vegetarian and carnivore mains complemented by vegan, gluten free sides for 130 people. In a brand new community garden.

Since we charged money for tickets it was important that we make the space extra special for our guests.
It was also our last fundraiser of the year so we all raided our pantries, sheds and our own gardens for anything that might help transform the space into a romantic, upscale country garden picnic.

 In return, the community came in full force, 120 people came to break bread in the new space.  We built it for everyone to enjoy and I believe they all did.
 Musical instruments and dancing ensued.
More and more people are running neighbourhood wide guerilla events and they wanted to help so they brought desserts. So many delicious desserts

I even cracked out some handmade chocolate butterflies to decorate my mediocre cupcakes.  Children will do anything for a Monarch.

I can barely even believe how amazing it all turned out.  Everytime we do this I think, never again..

 but then we have so much fun I can't help but imagine what our Harvest Dinner is going to look like.

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Keri said...

You really are an amazing women! Looking forward to knitting with you again. Congrats on a wonderful event.