Thursday, June 28, 2012


Tomorrow is the last day of Fenner's first year of school.  This little girl has turned into a school aged big sister in the course of 10 months.
The real challenge for us has been to make sure that while she thrives in a system designed to educate the masses, we work hard to encourage and nurture the magical things that make her stand out.

Her Empathy and humour.

Her Curiosity about the world around us.
The ability she has for going along with a crazy plan. This is thehippo she left in our neighbour's garden.  Ken and Fenner have an ongoing game and now there are multiple animals hiding all over his beautiful garden.

Today Fenner hid a Triceratops in a cave made of creeping time.
 All this in a year, makes me look forward to the next season. I find it a gift to see the world through her eyes and to watch her watching me for clues as to the different ways she could proceed.

It's magical.

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