Monday, June 25, 2012

Luxury is:

Watching my family exhaust themselves at our 60 year old cottage the way I did growing up.

Having a place to swim and family to swim with when the heat comes:

Visiting Pretty Channel to play in the rapids.
Lounging endlessly in the boats.
Eating divine food with my friends and family in one place.
Nearly skunking my Dad and having the opportunity to dance my "Worst Winner Ever" dance.
Fenner enjoying her rainy day craft bag, deciding to make a mask and being able to do it all herself before going for a sweet rainy day swim with her Uncle Will.
 Marlowe really getting into eating and enjoying pretty much everything I put in front of her - which let the rest of us enjoy the fact that Dad replaced the 60 year old Shag carpet.
 Luxury is getting to watch and listen to my Dad 'read' stories to Fenner for bedtime. It took her just a few minutes to get used to him changing character names...

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Amanda said...

sounds luscious! thanks for sharing! Everything seems better with a boat and some water.