Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making the patriarchy look good

Hey Jay,

I just wanted you to see some of the great moments that you've had this year. Being a Father is a super important and difficult job. I think that you really raise the bar of expectations for Dads.  I find it inspiring the lengths you will go to support the health and well being of our family.
 You know just how to inspire Fenner to action and Marlowe to inaction.
 More importantly, and I think that this gets pushed aside, you take spectacular care of me so that I can take care of the girls.  You are setting their expectations for how they should be treated by their spouses. That their strengths, intellect and level of 'difficulty' are not negatives but are characteristics that enhance them as people.

By treating me as well as you do, you are setting important expectations.
You foster a love of art, creativity and the outdoors in all of us.
 I know it's a bit of a mixed blessing that you married a woman with an attraction to challenging vacations but I love that you voice your concerns and make me meet some minimum standards of safety before you get your game on.

It has been an enriching, joyful experience co-parenting babies and children with you.  I can't wait to parent teenaged girls with your sense of humour, grace and generousity.

Love Jen.

PS:  Thanks for cooking dinner tonight it was delicious!


liz said...

Tears. My eyes runith over with serious tears! totally beautiful! Love Aunty Liz

Jen Hendriks said...

Thanks Liz!