Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photos from my lost time

Wow. Did those three months ever go by quickly.

I got involved in a project that picked up momentum and just drove by, we're almost at the end of a really busy start up of The Rail Garden.  We started with a Community Meeting:


Then we realized we needed to generate some start up money and good will so we hosted a Community Dinner. Four women, three wagons and one smartphone later we hosted dinner for our neighbourhood. One hundred and twenty of our neighbours came and broke bread together. It was a beautiful thing.

It was important for us to try and give back to the community as quickly as we could after the support we got at the community dinner so Carly, one of our committee members, ran the first free community event. Art in the Garden. We invited the children of our 'hood to come and paint shapes to take back the chainlink fence. It was amazing to see them join in. 

To break ground on Earth Day was our goal and so we did. Almost 200 friends and neighbours joined us throughout the day to help us dig our first 10 allotment gardens and enjoy the barbecue at the end of the day. It was cathartic and energizing to come together and see our permanent gardens get built.

Of course we didn't finish work that day so we worked until we finished them. By we, I mean neighbours, friends, family, gardeners and their children showed up week after week to help us finish the beds, build a shed and composter. Our community is as invested as we are. It is inspiring. I have been working slowly on putting this piece together over weeks with minutes stolen during naptime, between meetings and gardening. Since the last work bee we've had kids from the local schools plant the community beds - tomatoes, herbs, strawberry beds and pollinator gardens. It fills me gratitude to have been part of this project on my maternity leave.

Fenner wanders through our house and neighbourhood singing "With My Own Two Hands" and it has been by the luxury of my maternity leave that I've been able to show her what that looks like in real life. I hadn't even heard this song until she started singing it.

People, it's a beautiful thing to make things grow with our own two hands. 

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Jen Anderson said...

What an amazing project!