Monday, April 09, 2012

I knit, therefore I am present.

Oh man, I am procrastinating hard core right now.  Some knits I've finished in the last few weeks.  Completely finished.

Classic Tomten. This is a great lesson in how superwash wool is shitastic when knit in a loose gauge in garter.  It is enormous and growing by the minute that Fenner wears it. 

Live and learn.
A dreamy classic Noro striped scarf for a close friend's birthday. I knit him a scarf every year for his birthday in Mid March. Not only does he get a scarf but it guarantees that temperatures will soar to the mid twenties for a week before and after his birthday.
And, finally, out of left over Cascade 220. An Aviatrix for Marlowe - gauge gone wrong. I forgot that Cascade 220 is closer to a DK than a worsted and should have made a bigger size.  No matter she out grew it anyway.
My knitting and writing had been going so well in 2012. A result, I believe, of list writing on Sunday's. Well the last few weeks (I think six) have gotten away from me.  There are a couple of personal project I have on the go that have been taking up a little more bandwidth that I thought they would.

One of which is starting a new community garden in my neighbourhood. I will be writing about this more extensively next week.