Friday, February 17, 2012

Small but Finished

Every Sunday night I take an hour and write a list of anything I would like to finish and start in a week.  This list includes knitting and non knitting goals and *might* look like this:

- Finish kneesocks
- Finish colourwork on Fiddlehead mitten
- Take Fenner to the Science Centre
- Use the plantains in this week's Good Food Box
- To do list for baby shower
- Write stand up set (still outstanding....)
- Start reading Last Night in Twisted River

I am not so naive as to think I will finish everything but every day while I make coffee I try and write that days to do list so that I can attempt to stay on track.  The morning to do list might read like this:

- email interested parties in the neighbourhood to get quotes for fundraising letter for the community garden effort
- register Fenner in French Immersion
- Buy avocadoes for dinner - plantain salsa recipe
- Pay bills
- Get on waiting list at 4 daycares
- Find new Audio book

The list method works great for me and keeps me from sitting around in my underwear drinking coffee and force feeding Fenner old Sesame Street episodes on Netflix.

Last week someone sent me a link to this pattern on Facebook which derailed me a little but it was so fast I couldn't stop myself and the detour was over before I'd noticed.  Now everyone holding Marlowe looks obscene.

WELCOME TO MY WORLD. Nothing says adorable like flicking this nipple.

I also finished my snowshoeing socks last week.  I'll be heading up north at the end of the month for a knitting/wine retreat and since there is snow there I plan on taking Marlowe out for her first excursion.  You can expect to see some sweet winter gear presented here in the next couple of weeks.  

Hopefully some more baby sweetness coming through the pipes as well.

Speaking of winter.  We had a cold one last weekend. Check out the sweet toboggan wind burn on these cheeks!
And now, I must make some funny for a stand up gig on Saturday. Sweet. Jesus.

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