Monday, February 27, 2012

Green is the colour of hope Springing

Last week a bunch of the kids and their keepers headed to the local Greenhouse to get a bit of green in our eyes.  It's big enough to feel comfortable with 8 kids at different ages but small enough to know that none of them could make a great escape.

Though they tried:
I think we all felt refreshed seeing plants looking green and lush.  It was easy on our eyes.
For some reason I chose this setting to fool around with my camera settings.  I had been meaning to play with black and white for a bit and decided this excursion was the time.

We have collected a nice group of super charming and fun kids in our neighbourhood and it is fun to try and capture them in their rare moments of stillness.
 Those curls are hard to let go of.
Our charming Peter Pan trying to corral the ladies.
 It was a lovely morning spent in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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