Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Day

This past week has come and gone like a flash.  Family day weekend was filled with performing and family, exactly as it should have been I suppose.  J started the weekend with improve then we middled the weekend with stand up.  The finale was our monthly Urban Family Brunch, a fantastic event filled with our friends, caesars and eggs. Delicious.

I feel like J and I have eaten at the buffet of family weekend.

Family day, we took it slow and easy and decided to go geocaching in our neighbourhood.  We needed something easy and local to do. This hit the spot!
Our friend Joyce had mentioned that she thought their might have been a geocache in our local park while we were tobagganing the weekend before.  So Jason thought it might be fun to find it.

Digest that for a moment while looking at this picture.
It was a beautiful warm Spring day, in February!

Since I'm working on some secret projects I can't show you quite yet I'm going to take this opportunity to showcase my first handspun, hand dyed toque.  I may have written about it before but it was after Fenner was born so I can't really remember.
Jason carried Marlowe so I got to take a ton of pictures.  I love a man who sprouts a third nipple so attractively while exploring his neighbourhood. This was the first day of a week exploring the theme of community.
I'm heading out of town tomorrow morning so I'm hoping to write more of the week's adventures while I'm up north with Marlowe on a knitting retreat.  I'm packing my snowshoes in hopes that I might get some outside time..

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Aunty Liz said...

Geocaching!?!?!?! Come on! Coolest thing EVER!