Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The world around us.

Last weekend we had our two nieces in the city. Our original plan was to do afternoon High Tea at the Park Hyatt or King Eddy but due to life schedules we opted for the Ontario Science Centre instead.

They arrived on Saturday afternoon after a drive from Barrie. There wasn't much time to do much so we went for a walk in my neighbourhood to stretch our legs.

The ravine in my neighbourhood is the perfect spot to run off energy. It's a small offshoot of the Taylor Creek Valley. This ravine seems to be magic to all children who enter it.
There is a perfectly sized creek that runs through across which trees have fallen. The creek is big enough to seem enormous to anyone under 20 and small enough that adults don't have to be afraid of hypothermia and drowning.

They scaled the bridge across river! I love it. The girls took a giant bite of challenge and succeeded and Fenner was so chuffed that she could have exploded.
Joy of joys. There was also a dead, rotting and frozen raccoon in the woods. While I spent the time gagging in the background, my brother in law played paleontologist with Fenner and Claire.

Fenner and Claire have a love that knows no bounds. Claire lives to care for and love people and Fenner lives to love Claire. It's very hard not to eat them both up.

My sister is fully in her second trimester. You can probably feel the glow from your screen right now. We are so excited for who she's brewing that we can hardly stand it. Judging by how spectacular she is looking this person is going to add a whole lot of love to our lives.
My 11 year old niece too Fenner to the moon on a jet pack. She is such a smart, charming and independant person to be with. She turned the hands of time using strength and determination and a series of cogs and wheels.Claire, an artistic soul, was rightly suspicious of our plan to spend the day doing 'science' but was quickly inspired by the Kids Park and declared in the end that she thought science was more fun than expected.

We had a ball. These kids can really change the way we view the world around us if we let them. It's inspiring.


Pierrette said...

I have to say the Science Center is our favorite place to hang out. We probably go at least twice a month.

JenHendriks said...

Same here - we just got a membership. I think we're going to try and go for a morning visit before JK next week. Wanna try it? 10:00 am to noon?