Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 1 Tomten Completion

In order to fully embrace the impossible temptation to start a million knitting projects in January, I made it a priority to take serious steps to finishing some never ending but beautiful projects. It gives me the added satisfaction of starting the year right.

Having finally finished a Tomten Jacket for Miss F. My goal was to add an I-Cord edging so that I could use sew on snaps as closures. It is beautiful.
Made out of Cascade bulky that I was 2 skeins short on, an especially challenging issue given that I bought the yarn over a year ago and none of my yarn shops carried it any more. It seems I have horsehoes up my trunk because Romni can always hook me up when I need it.

My goal this week is to buy the sew on snaps so I can put this beast to bed. I hope Mac Fab can help me with this.
I give you our Christmas Eve.

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