Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 1 - Big Sister Blanket Seaming.

It is well known that myself and my children are and have been well cherished by my knitting communities. I was lucky enough to have been pregnant with Fenner with two close knitting friends and our community knit her some beautiful blankets which we have used on many adventures. Jason hand washes them monthly and Fenner uses them as napping blankets at day care and as capes at home.

Our community Blanket from Lettuce Knit is made from the sadly discontinued Mission Falls line. Everyone knit a square and the Lettuce Knit ladies (Laura, Megan and Denny) finished the odious work of putting it together. It has stood the test of time beautifully.

Her summer blanket is a beautiful Mission Falls cotton blanket from Miko at The Purple Purl. This blanket still holds that timeless summer smell of sunscreen and baby head.

Couldn't you just melt?

Fenner used this as her summer nap blanket. When Marlowe joined us Fenner generously suggested that perhaps Marlowe could use it because it didn't fit Fenner any more.
At the end of the summer we were washing and hanging her blankets and she turned to me and asked for a bigger blanket. Given how well loved blankets are in my heart and our lives I could not say no.

I chose the Mitred Crossing blanket out of Noro Kureyon and Galway as Fenner's Big Sister Blanket. I finished knitting the squares during my puerperium period in bed with Marlowe but it has been languishing since then.

My goal was to put it together last week. No small feat given that the blocks are knitted together and then attached with a 3 needle bind off. It looks pretty great. The applied I-Cord border is getting put on as we speak (this week's goal).

I loved this blanket because the Noro Colourways enabled me to use all the colours that a 4 year old yearns for with some additions so I don't throw up on myself.
Today's Christmas moment that slays me. Girl in Green Dress Lounging.

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