Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Puerperium Cardigan - Finished Last week

A close friend of mine knit this sweater for Marlowe before she was born. The Puerperium Cardigan It is named after the six week period after a baby was born. With the support of Jason this was my favourite time post partum.

The Puerperium period. Click the link for pronunciation, I had to. It is beautiful and totally inspiring and so I knit one myself for a soon to be born baby.

I love the colours of Noro Silk Garden and the way it plays with the Cascade 220 contrast colour. I had so much yarn left over that I was able to make a little baby hat to match.

This particular outfit was made for a friend who I have known since first year university. I wanted to add some additional and beautiful handmade love so I added an Owl from my friend Debra's shop.

I have a whole draft post about how the fewer dollars we have at our disposal the more local we shop. By spending our money with local shops and artists we know that each dollar will have more of a spread. It's an idea I'm still trying to work on.

Anyway, we have a couple of these toys and love them; pigs, puppies, owls. Debra does them all.
She makes beautiful toys. If you need one, I think you should contact her.


JenHendriks said...

It is such an easy knit too! I was charmed by it and am already knitting a couple more!

Yvette LeClair said...

I love this sweater and would wear it myself if it came in my size.