Friday, January 27, 2012

Pieces of Love

Back in May or June of 2011, Fenner came home from daycare to request a new blanket. She had outgrown all of her hand knit baby blankets and was in need of a big girl blanket. Handmade, thankyouverymuch.

Smart kid, appealing to the ego of a knitter who is in it it for the process. So I started the Mitred Crosses Blanket. I knit squares at the cottage, I knit squares at home, I knit squares on the TTC, I took a break.

Then Marlowe started to go very late and some loving friends suggested that perhaps Marlowe was waiting for me to finish Fenner's big sister blanket. Sweet baby jesus. Since I hadn't even finished knitting the 12 squares. I started to go hard.
As it turns out she was just waiting until she was well done. So I continued to knit squares in bed while I recovered and everywhere else I travelled.

Until finally the pieces of blanket were done. Noro really does have colour down pat.
As I finished sets of three squares, Fenner gave them a gentle bath and I laid them out to block. It was the first time Fenner was engaged for a task and she took the job very seriously, bathing them tenderly and rolling them out not so much with the tenderness.
It figured heavily into my New Years resolutions as I was getting deeply bored so I set myself weekly goals to ensure that I finished the beast in January.

The joining of the squares took almost 2 weeks.
The I-Cord edging took 1 week and a whole season of The Wire.

The blocking took 1 day. I don't have a picture of Fenner rolled in it because she sleeps in it at night. She filled my knitter's heart with mush when she saw it she squealed like only a 4 year old girl can and said that it was as beautiful as all of the trees in Monarch Park (that's a lot, just so you know).

Can you guess which is her favourite square?

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