Thursday, January 12, 2012

First week of 2012

We had fantastic, food filled chilled out relaxed Christmas and holiday this year and I think it was all because Jason and I had a to do list every week and every day. We planned everything down tot the serving platters and attacked Christmas like mercenaries.

The Italian Job - but with more naps.

I started 2012 with a weekly knitters list in part to manage the terrible startitis I was experiencing but in an effort to track different projects.

Here's my Week 1 Knitter's List - There is a blog post for each.

1. Finish seaming the rows of Fenner's Blanket: Done
2. Finish Jason's sock - Done
3. Add edging to Fenners sweater - Done
4. Purchased next blanket yarn: Done

I have been knitting socks for Jason since January of 2011 and I had to finish them. This guy keeps me grounded and makes things so nice for me that it is easier to cluster nurse his young all night long. Hold on to your panties ladies. This picture is a bit pornographic.

I don't think I could knit socks for any other man. He loves the way they feel on his very large feet and he handwashes all of our woolies. He may be my favourite person to knit socks for which is too bad because his feet are humongous.

It felt great to get these off the needles. 2011 was a year of knitting false starts and slow inspiration so to finish these after such a long time was freeing.

When I cast off the socks I revisited the sock blanket I've been 'knitting' and restarted it. His sock yarn has been added to the blanket. I'd like to see if I can end this year more of this blanket done.

I already love this blanket and this is just a corner of what's been done on it. This will be for Jason and I.

I recognize I have posted nothing about our Christmas holidays. There is just so much that was great about it. Here is one of my favourite moments. Fenner wearing a smocked dress my grandmother made for me, singing at her first Christmas pageant.

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