Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 3: The leisure time of a SAHM

I'm still knitting my sweater compulsively during all my 'leisure time' walking Marlowe to sleep. Typically I can get her to sleep in about a half an hour in a sling at which point I can put her down in the bouncy chair to continue sleeping and then I put my power pants on and go to town on the yarn.

On Wednesdays we go to the local Early Years Centre for a play date with a couple of Fenner's neighborhood friends. It's a great place to go for coffee someone else makes, snacks and
playtime. Especially on rainy days.

I don't know if other provinces have this program but basically the program is run out of public schools or libraries and offer resources for young mothers and children. It is a lifesaver in the middle of winter - toys, snacks, friends, adults, networking resources to help working mothers find childcare. Priceless.
Knitting can only be accomplished when Fenner is fed, watered, and entertaining herself. This cannot always be guarenteed so I have to make hay when I can. On Thursday and Friday she goes to daycare before and after school so if Marlowe is cooperating I have a chance.

Yesterday I proceeded to have my way with Shalom. It's going great - I expect to have a gauge, yarn or a tangle issue of some sort to occur at any moment.
Editor's Note: The term 'leisure time' used at the beginning of this post is used to describe the sense of luxury a working mother might feel at being accountable for an incredibly important and brief part of her families life together. Believe it or not. It is far more difficult and far more gratifying to take care of one's family than it is a client's report.


JenHendriks said...

They are fantastic places! There aren't rec centre programs or free resource centres where you are?

Jen Anderson said...

Of course doing stuff for your kids is more gratifying than doing stuff for clients. At least the kids have an excuse to act like children.

It would be great if we had Early Childhood Centers like that in the States. All we have is coffee shops and Tot Lots (age restricted playgrounds).

Grace Morris said...

It sounds like the Strong Start program that they have in BC. My daughter has taken her two children there from time to time. It sounds like a great idea.

JenHendriks said...

Life. Savers!