Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Four Years Today.

Last night Fenner woke up at 2:00 am from a dream. Just about the exact time she was born 4 years ago. I snuck out of my bed to curl up with her and fell asleep with her cheek pressed against mine. The first time since Marlowe was born and we tangled up the way we like and fell asleep in the warmth of her bed.

Logically, I recognize that I should not be amazed this delicious little pork bun who made me a fierce Mom.

Picture taken by the fabulous Jacquie Blackman

Grew into this little baby with a charming disposition.

Picture by Michelle Hotchin

This amazing little person who travels easily (as long as we let her roam). Charming the pants off of the most hardened of stewards and passengers. Be it by plane, car or boat she has got game.

Not only is she game for adventure but she has become this insatiably curious person who loves to check out the world around her. A person who loves to be at the cottage in all seasons and climes.
On cold days with appropriate gear she's endless for the outside.
To be able to watch this person trying out the world on her own schedule widens my perspective and expands my own horizons. To see her strike out in the unknown gives me courage to try new things and to practice what is hard to do at first go.

I know that these are all the natural stepping stones of humanity and that given proper care and treatment all kids go through these stages.

It just seems so very dangerous and unlikely. She was so small and helpless it seems impossible that they could make it through the gauntlet of my clumsiness and of life's twists. For god's sake her head was so big her spine couldn't hold it up and her feet were only ONE INCH LONG.

Such questionable engineering that leads to such a magical person.

Look at her now. Happy Fourth Fenner.


Lara Nettle said...

Awww..... I remember from the beginning, when you were waiting for her to arrive, and I was waiting for my due date. Fenner has always been just a few weeks ahead of my Squish, and it's been a joy watching her grow from across the other side of the world. I hope that doesn't sound creepy!

Jacquie said...

Happy birthday, Fenner! I remember when I took the top photo. Such an adorable bun. I had to go look at all the photos. Look at her now. Hee!!

JenHendriks said...

So long ago it seems doesn't it! I can't believe I forgot credit. My brain is full of baby sized holes!!

JenHendriks said...

Hi Lara, not at all creepy! It's amazing how fast the time flies. Your Squish is looking equally well developed - congratulations to your own bad self.