Monday, October 24, 2011

Enter the Pie Man

The Pie Man woke up on Saturday with the a craving to transform the Good Food Box bag of apples into a pie. Now that there are two kids at play and interrupted sleep at night, projects like this are more fun as family effort and require far less wine when both of us are home.

The last time he felt this hankering he delivered a homemade spectacular Lemon Meringue Pie.
We do not get in the way of the Pie Man.

The process is not so solitary now - he will start it up but then Fenner gets in to "help" and I come in to help the four year old 'help' thus preventing foul language of frustration from the chef and Fenner. Turns out the kid is aces at pastry work in her 3 minute window of focus.
Marlowe passed out in her rocker and required picking up only when we were engaged in dough rolling, cutting, peeling or whatever else. The point being, it's impossible to deliver a project from start to finish without interruption anymore.

Once Marlowe engages, I'm tagged out and Fenner starts to 'help' me. This usually involves some story reading to the two of them. If Fenner is lucky, a puzzle gets pulled out. She recently informed me that I can no longer play Strawberry Shortcake because I don't do it right.

I'm so totally cool with that rejection.

This pie crust presented Jason a couple of opportunities:: his first lattice work and the first time using Lard from the Flying Pigs Farm. If it wasn't for the recent vaginal delivery of a 9 lb baby I would have totally put out. That shit is sexy yo.
At this point it has taken two adults and the questionably defined aid of a four year old almost three hours to bake a pie.

Give in to the reality that this is slow cooking at it's best.


Rams2830 said...

Nom. Jason may deserve my mother's lemon recipe. If his doesn't involve bread and boiling water, it's short of its possibe perfectionistnist.

Nicole said...

Amazing! Now I want pie but I don't have a pie man. My life is sooo hard! ;)

JenHendriks said...

I can't imagine Rams....bread and boiling water??

JenHendriks said...

Good job dad! Very spy like message.

JenHendriks said...

He wasn't a pie man when we met but like a butterfly from a cocoon, he emerged!

Techpro Hendriks said...

am in istanbul and cann't get into email, allis well so far