Thursday, July 07, 2011

Creativity on the Road

We never travel without a blank sketch pad or writing book. Jason has a real talent for cartoon sketches and can amuse Fenner for at least an hour drawing entire stories en route. Between drawing and small puzzles we can amuse Fenner through immigration line ups and baggage check in.

This last trip we acquired a fantastic toy.

When Fenner was less than a year old I went to New York for business. I was a fresh Mom and she was a fresh baby and we didn't want to be apart so Jason and Fenner came with me. She was too wee to appreciate anything and we were a little tight on cash but Jason saw the 'Make a Muppet' and it became an item on his bucket list.

I think we'll invest in a couple of sock puppets to be portable creative fun toys as inspired by this Muppet.

He and Fenner made a muppet on this last trip. Oddly, the Muppet (Purple Miss) reminds me of my Auntie Anne.
Fenner signing off on her design.
In Action.

My creative outlet is a little bit more portable, while they enjoyed their Muppet making, I finished my Ishbel shawl. Made out of some amazing Indigodragonfly MCN that I bought over a year ago.

These pictures were taken at the Union Square kids park a block North of the flat my friend kindly lent me.
It turned out exactly right, a small portable scarf for cool evenings in the country or the city. When I started knitting, the colours made me think of my friend Judy; muted steel, with hints of jewel tones that really pop out at you. It is soft and smooshy and comforting.

Exactly like my friend.

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Anonymous said...

stop making me cry. the scarf is too beautiful to get all snotty <3