Thursday, June 09, 2011

Work life balance

I am dreaming about some roadblocks we are working around in a project at work. These dreams are better than the ones I have about the measles epidemic. I am vaccinated and I couldn't remember if Fenner was vaccinated or not.

My typical vaccination strategy is to wait until Fenner was of an age that the disease I am vaccinating against actually poses a true risk to her development. I didn't think Tetanus was likely to be an issue when she was 6 weeks old so I held off until she was 14 months and mobile with a care giver to get her vaccinated. Now, before you get up in my grill - I. Am. Not. Antivaccination. These decisions were made with my Paediatrician and my husband.

Originally, the MMR vaccination was scheduled for when she was child bearing age (11 or 12) since the real threat of the Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) is to fetal development.

When I was 19 I looked after a girl who was the same age as myself in Northern Ontario. Her parents needed someone to look after their 19 year old daughter because she was a Rubella Child. If there is a job that will instill a healthy respect for a well timed and rigorous use of vaccines to control disease in a young woman, this was it.

I can't believe I had to wake up, find Fenner's tiny and barely fleshed out immunization record to confirm that this one was on it. I can't believe that this need was combined with a need to write an email to my colleague about testing my solution first thing in the morning.

Work life balance is a myth.


Martha said...

Yes, work life balance is a myth.
For example, I note that you posted this at 2:25 am. I rest my case!

Jen said...


i'm so tired right now thank god it's cooled down