Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Let there be light

Today I attended TEDx HumberCollege. It was the inaugural TEDx event at Humber and the theme was "More than Words"

It was great. I love language and the different ways to play with it. The speakers came at the theme from a number of different perspectives: A linguist, an anthropologist, a PR student, some Fundraisers and a musician to name a few.

Margaux Smith
spoke about being new to the workplace environment and referenced something called the Imposter Syndrome. This really created a context for the discomfort I feel in my professional life. I particularly love the recommended resolution to it "Fake it til you make it." Don't lie but live the the life you want to be living. It takes practise but start it up.

Dr. Steckley spoke about what the 11 aboriginal languages have to teach us about cultural psychology should we choose to learn the languages. Imagine what the impact of not having references for gender, guilt and comparative superlatives (You're the most/biggest/best..) I've been trying to minimize my references to gender since then and it's an exercise in adjusting the platform of gender relations.

The audience for these events tend to be open minded and engaged folks from all industries and walks of life. I expected healthy discussion and small talk which for the most part was an expectation fulfilled. It still amazes me how pregnancy makes me public property in all groups as demonstrated while I was getting a coffee and had the man behind me suggest that perhaps he shouldn't be letting me get it....

I was actually proud of my response this time. "Well sir, I'm almost forty years old so you're off the hook. I will make my own decisions thank you." HOW IS THIS STILL SOMETHING THAT IS HAPPENING!? Was he expecting me to be a chronic alcoholic with a drug problem? Is coffee a gateway drug?


Jen Anderson said...

It's that recommendation to keep your caffeine intake during pregnancy so low that people think it means no caffeine at all. And that they're the fetus police or some shit.

I've heard a pregnant woman was having her hair dyed in a salon, and another customer started nagging her that she shouldn't dye her hair. She reduced the woman to tears. The March of Dimes says it's fine, but some random woman read a magazine article and deputizes herself to harass strangers.

I love your response to him.

Jen said...

Thanks Jen - I get the why but non-prego people shouldn't drink too much caffeine either - I guess I find it obnoxious that he thought he had any say at all...along with the random folks on the street.

Jillian said...

I hated when people felt the need to comment! SO ANNOYING. And it currently it drives me crazy when people comment on what Alex is wearing. He is a sweat machine, so sorry, he isn't still wearing some sort of baby sleeping bag in June!