Saturday, May 14, 2011

When life gives you lemons...go for dumplings

Parenting lesson of April:

Lesson 1:

When your daughter is crabby for one to seven days it could be regression due to a new fundamental skill acquisition. If your daughter is crabby and coughing like she had been smoking for 35 probably have a dose of the croupe. There is nothing you can do for this except for go out or dumplings after you find out there is nothing you can do.
Good news: Cold air helps relieve the coughing.
Lesson #2

Easter Monday is a stat holiday for daycares and public schools. Not for private companies though. Fresh homemade donuts help smooth the way for bring your kid to work day.

Lesson #3

My daughter and I have completely different early childhood cultural exposure. I, when given the opportunity to choose my lunch before the age of 19, would have chosen poutine. She chooses Sushi.
We are in New York City right now and Fenner has been absolutely amazing. It is more fun and challenging than I thought it would be to travel with my family like this. I'm glad we started practicing with this trip.

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Megan Farnel said...

Jen, I love getting little tidbits of your life. Fenner looks so charming!