Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slowing Down

It’s Day 6 of our NYC adventure and we are slowing down. 

I tried to go see the Moth in SoHo tonight.  Due to an extended subway ride (missed my stop) I ended up near the end of the very extensive line up.  Sold out 10 people in front of me – ouch!  This event is verging on mythical levels of difficulty to see.

Not one to give up my solo evening in SoHo, I went for a fancy glass of wine and dinner by myself in a “Deli” full of excruciatingly hip and hungry looking people.

The waiter bought the wine for me and called me “Darling’ from the moment I sat down.  I suspect my vertical striped shirt hid my delicate condition…until I got stuck between two tables trying to leave anyway.

I got home at 8:30 and am debating a late night show at UCB…tune in next time to see if the very pregnant Mamma stays awake past 10:00 pm!

Fenner climbed the Alice in Wonderland statue at Central Park, our go to on sunny hot days it seems.  It’s kind of fun that we’re reading Stuart Little right now and had just finished the story of the boat race in the pond across from this statue.

NYC Part III 030

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rams said...

Did I already tell you to take her to see the real Winnie the Pooh and friends (much loved and threadbare*) in the Children's Room of the library lion branch? (42nd St & 5th Ave) As a bonus, you could say hi to my eldest daughter, Betsy Bird, who is soooooo pregnant you will feel even slimmer than in stripes.