Sunday, April 17, 2011

Experiments in Shaking Off the Mojo

I came out of last week with such a bad case of the reverse Midas touch that I actually walked my bike home on Friday night to prevent any more disasters. Everything I touched fell to pieces in such an amazing way that it led to a mortifying public display of frustration and exhaustion.

Something had to change. I had lost perspective on my work and that can lead nowhere fulfilling and strengthening. I unplugged on Friday and Saturday and began again this morning.

To begin again, I tried to focus on the moment I was in. I got up with Fenner, we engaged in our favorite morning baking scones while Jason got some much deserved sleep. He gave me my sleep on Friday and Saturday, it's only fair.

We started strong by wisely ignoring the weather shit show. She makes the cold look sweet but it's because she's a grifter.
I did the work I needed to do to set up my week, did some writing, played with my family at the park and am now going to settle in for knitting. So far there has been no shit. The reverse Midas touch has been held at bay for the first day of the week.

The game is afoot and I'm off to a decent start.

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