Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night

I am really feeling the burn of this weather. I biked to work today in order to maintain the illusion that I am not a sugar cube. Even wore a skirt under my rain pants.

The sense of empowerment got me through until this afternoon when the burn from the week kicked in. One of the amazing mothers on the street picked Fenner up from school and I met them there for a chat and a sit down after work.

We got an amazing gift this week from my Aunt Sally that I will be writing about as soon as there is enough light to take pictures.

A beautiful dress for Fenner made in the colours of spring. It is everything a 3 year old girl wants, colourful, spinny, there are flowers sewn onto it and it is hand smocked. Fenner calls the smocking her rainbow.

Highlight of the last two weeks.


charlotta said...

i like your blog for random readings during the wee hours of the morning.

Martha said...

Every child should have an Aunt Sally, don't you think?