Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night

I am really feeling the burn of this weather. I biked to work today in order to maintain the illusion that I am not a sugar cube. Even wore a skirt under my rain pants.

The sense of empowerment got me through until this afternoon when the burn from the week kicked in. One of the amazing mothers on the street picked Fenner up from school and I met them there for a chat and a sit down after work.

We got an amazing gift this week from my Aunt Sally that I will be writing about as soon as there is enough light to take pictures.

A beautiful dress for Fenner made in the colours of spring. It is everything a 3 year old girl wants, colourful, spinny, there are flowers sewn onto it and it is hand smocked. Fenner calls the smocking her rainbow.

Highlight of the last two weeks.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nothing wrong with a healthy case of denial.

See what I did there? DENIED YO!

My prolific friend is quite right when she described me as a denialist (MADE UP WORD!). I've been known to be a denier of reality in all sorts of charming contexts. Jason may contest this claim as he perhaps has witnessed the less charming moments of this terrible habit. You might say "Impossible!" but it's true.

Perhaps the case of Dr. Frank's champagne purchased while I was on holiday in the Finger Lakes WAS over kill. Perhaps. If I admit to that though, I would be suggesting that the delicious champers I enjoyed through the fall and winter was a terrible mistake.

That is not going to happen.

Perhaps it was while under the influence of aforementioned champers, that I thought 100 extra stitches at the cast on end of my Birch Shawl was a whole lot of nothing. It is a dissatisfying moment in this knitter's cast off career to have my finished object be too small to be a shawl and too large to be a shawlette.

100 stitches in KidSilk Haze is nothing more than a couple of champagne corks lined up in a row! That's nothing!

Well, 2 months later in November, as I was nearing the end of my third and last ball of the Liquor Colourway (the irony didn't escape me either). I did what any professionial denialist would do.

I stopped knitting. When I revisited my leviathan 1 month later. I could no longer deny that those tiny 100 stitches were going to equal close to an additional 2 balls of yarn. This was quickly becoming the pet project of a mad scientist planning to take over the world with the beautiful halo of a high end mohair/silk blend.After raiding Romni's and Dr. Steph's last Liquor stash. I finally got to the end. What was until that fateful night, the fabled last stitch.

I cast her off. She is magnificent, worth every moment of blatant denial of reality and logic. She is warm and large. The perfect shield against what some people are suggesting is the continuation of winter.

Fools, from behind this lacy deliciousness, hope springs eternal!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Creative energy

I am somwhere in between week 13 and 16 of being pregnant. It is from this point until 35 weeks that is probably the only reason women keep getting pregnant.

My energy is back within reason. Once in awhile I'll forget and end up at a friend's place at 11:00pm after a full suddenly gone. This is the period that basic biological imperatives become indisputable - sleep, exercise, food, water. If I don't have a constant supply of these four items terrible things are likely to happen to innocent bystanders.

About 3 weeks ago a fifth requirement showed it's face. Creativity. I have a need to have multiple options for creative outlets available to me at all times. Spinning, knitting, baking, small bits of writing, jokes, music, painting with Fenner. All nuclear home based pleasures, the more on the go the better. I am fickle and the itch I must scratch can change with the weather.

Last Tuesday an urge that has been coming and going for the past 2 years came back and would not be ignored. Like many urges right now, it could not be ignored and so, I warped and began to weave. It is nice to know that there is so much room for me to grow in this new area.