Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bring it on Snowmageddon

We are lucky enough to have a couple friends who are winter enthusiasts, to put it lightly. I have enjoyed winter in the past but like all lifestyle habits - winter requires regular participaction to maintain enjoyability.

With a three year old it is easy to fall out of practice so for Christmas, we invested in a family set of snowshoes which we took out for a test drive in January.
A gaggle of us drove the short distance to Rouge Park for some good clean family fun.
Fenner had the perfect endurance, for her age, turns out the endurance of a three year old through snow works out to be about 5 minutes with snowshoes and 20 without.
The fresh air induced apple cheeks were worth the goading time. Thank god for good friends to spell Jason off pulling her on the tobaggan.
She took to the snowshoes really well. I think once she may just be a natural. We talked about life the universe and everything while enjoying the peace of a snow covered outside world.
Jason demonstrated just what fatherhood does to a man's waistline and was pretty much the primary sled dog. I spelled him off when necessary but the guy has some obscene work ethic that makes asking for help virtually impossible.

In any case, he was a super star. I know that doing this on my own would have been it's own special kind of frustrating!
It was one of those magical days that felt like a million dollars. Good friends, good food, just enough challenge to make us feel like we'd accomplished but not so much that we were stressed out.

Our friends really inspired us - thanks Carolyn, Melissa, Amy and Sarah!