Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tick Tock

I am sitting here waiting for my iPhone to finish uploading new software. It's run night and I use two apps to get excited about running. Try not to judge too harshly that I am this reliant on technology to get off of my ass.

Couch to 5K to help me get up to 5 km without hurting myself or getting discouraged. Runkeeper to see how fast and to map where I run using GPS. Podcasts to keep me distracted from how annoyed I get when I'm tired. So far I find music messes with my breathing although on Sunday I listened to the CBC Radio 3 Podcast and added .5 km to my distance!

It is Week 6 of running with only two weeks that I slacked off, one in October and one recently in November. I am nominally proud of starting this habit but I am super proud that I got back on it after slacking off - that used to be my cue to bail on anything.

Evolution indeed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Make the time.

This post is brought to you by my sister Liz who recently sent me an article about how if you achieve life balance then you're probably doing life missionary style (my words not hers). That is to say balance is boring. Balance means that I'm probably aren't challenged on some level or another. To continue the analogy...I'm not grabbing the bull by the moustache...I mean horns

This is why it's so hard to achieve. Every time I do I throw another log on the fire!

My inner dialogue goes something like this when I achieve anything resembling balance, "What's that? Juggling an amazing family, new job, cooking, running, knitting lace, reading, volunteering and seeing some friends some of the time?


Quite frankly, that inner voice is a bit of a bitch so I generally take her insanity with a grain of salt but she does have a point. I am going to see if I can take writing as the priority that playing, running and working is. Like language, writing needs to be practiced or the ability to do it will be lost.

Work is getting better and better. I have been focused on improving my business writing which has been more fun that I thought it could have been 6 months ago. It freaks me out thinking that my personal writing is at an all time low. My rented brain isn't coming back to me in the same condition as I rented it out....

Making time to make food has become culturally entrenched in our family - baking on the weekends and cooking on weeknights. Before you get all high and mighty on me about meeting basic expectations. Cooking from scratch takes at least a third of our time at home. I do not exaggerate when I say we arrive home between 5:30 and 6:00 and spend the next hour to hour and a half cooking dinner.

We have less practical fun with it on the weekends!
Making time to go running has become a matter of mental health - both for J and for me. The energy I get from a run gives me another 3 hours at the end of a day. It also chills me out so that Jason feels no need to call Therapy-911.

Making time to make art. Just happens. I'm still not sure how but at the end of the day - it takes a lot longer to get to one but finished objects find their way of the needles. Clearly, my blanket stitch could use a bit of practice...goals are good!
I have no idea how everyone does this. I feel like I am the only one who at the end of the week feels like the motherfucking King of the Castle - I only have one kid!!! How the hell do/did my Aunt, Mother, Sister-in-Law and neighbors do it?!

She's not even in extracurriculars yet! What was I thinking....tune in next time for something a little less self involved...or maybe more.