Monday, March 22, 2010

...and the Oscar for Tardy Micromanagement goes to ME.

I went to an Oscar party to celebrate the luxury of eating and the art of bitchiness with my urban family who excel at the Oscars in a way that I can only fantasize about.

Jason and I made cupcakes for the event. J is a baker extra-ordinaire and made some traditional vanilla cupcakes from scratch as the base. They were delicious, perfectly sweet and moist. That's right - MOIST.
We took turns prepping the kajillion yellow and white marshmallows which was incredibly tedious. Really cutting mini marshmallows in thirds? Really?!?
Cupcake Director. The cupcake recipe and idea came from Hello Cupcake
The army that I will use to conquor the world, 1 marshmallow induced diabetic at a time. BOW DOWN BEFORE THE POPCORN!
Insert my theme song, here
All for the joy of a bowl of popcorn in disguise. I loved this project - how goofy and perfect for a gloomy sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rocking out toddler style

I'm trying to write more often - I realize that it's an evolution of habit so I'm setting up posts 1 week in advance with subjects to help me write daily.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but the street that we live on is *filthy* with kids all within a couple of months of each other in age. Fenner has a posse. We have a mothers/parents group and a strong sense of community around the kids' social lives.

Fenner and Ella are about 1 week apart in age and are really affectionate towards one another. I don't think I'm seeing their relationship with the rose coloured glasses of a proud mother. It's always been simply lovely. Eva (Ella's Momma), is a musician and music teacher in the neighborhood and while Fenner isn't enrolled in this session she still sings all the songs and loves listening to Eva's cd.

All that to say Eva did a fantastic job filming these two adventurers and setting their story to her wonderful music. If this doesn't melt your cold dead hearts you're beyond help.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Olympic Ending

My final Olympic weekend was a blur of CBC nerddom, driving and Northern exploration. Jesus. I guess I need to preface this post with a description of the last two weeks at the house.

Poor. Shit Poor. I recognize that once a person gets dragged down into the depths of despair (shout out to Ann with an 'e'!) it's virtually impossible to get that positive spin going again so J and I really worked at it. Two weeks after the end of the Olympics I think we're there.

My project was a take off of the Baby Moderne Log Cabin blanket as inspired by those mavens Mason Dixon Fame. By the Saturday before the closing ceremonies I was *done* with the garter but not done with the blanket so I was hauling every which way.

To CBC to participate in the 'Go' Hobby Show where I was part of a team of crack knitters making a scarf for the Brent Bambury.

Coincidentally one of my favourite Canadian Bands was there performing. Great Lake Swimmers played songs from their newest album, Lost Channels.

Miranda Mulholland was the violinist, so charming for so early.
And Tony Dekker, probably freaking out on the inside at this point. Couldn't tell though.
Nat and Steph represented. Nat really brought the funny and the hip - and neither of them sounded like anything less that really smart funny ladies. Better representation, the knitters could not have asked for.
And Nat made underpants!

My project on the cusp of completion - and finished by the end of the ceremonies! It's in the mail going to a colleague who is doing a blanket exchange with me! She's a quilter so I hope she finds this little piece of modest but determined knitting to her satisfaction.

I feel nervous but relieved that the cat fur has been fully removed.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Of kittens and children

It's been an exciting weekend here. Olympic mastery and fibre retreats abound. It's going to take longer to write about the weekend than I have right now so I just want to touch base and finish the "Cold Front" post with the finished shawlette after I reminded it who was boss.

Much better eh?
Also, my sister Charlotte came to bring Fenner to the ROM's Bat Cave today. She brought the newest member of her family.

Note Fenner's, plumber's butt: THAT IS A TOILET TRAINED CRACK YO!