Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Benign Neglect

Benign neglect is a parenting philosophy that I strongly endorse, however it is a TERRIBLE way to engage people in your life through a blog. Maybe I'll try and get a bit more literate in the next few weeks.

Jeez eh? What the hell have I been doing for a month? Let these pictures demonstrate the active life of a Gemini lo' these many weeks:

Perfect Sunday mornings. Work conference in DC:

Running at Keuka Lake, NY:
Not running in Keuka Lake, NY:

Also, a little Thanksgiving to round out the great life. I've been knitting but have been really focussing on our home and family right now - hopefully more on that this week.

1 comment:

char char said...

i thought it was 'finger lake'. nice bird, baby, booze bottle, bush.

ps: how many blog entries do you have saved up?