Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To help her bring a basket of "sleep through the night" to Granny.

I recently finished Fenner's fall sweater. Well, I'm hoping it's one of two sweaters. This was sort of a fantasy project - I had an image in my mind of Fenner wearing a beautiful fall cape with fantastic buttons and prancing through the forest at the cottage.

Or walking to school on a chilly fall morning. The kind that we're starting to have now, and lo' I give you a prime example of my momentary perfection. Meet the Manos cape.
I recently fell down in a button basket at Lettuce Knit and took home some of the cutest buttons you've ever seen.
Can you blame Fenner for asking, "Is this the sweater for my bird buttons?" They are too small to provide functional support but are perfect for decoration around the bottom of the skirt. Like all of the beautiful buttons I've bought for Fenner's sweaters so far - I'll be reusing them on different garments as she grows out of these ones.
This button will be beautiful on a sweater for me one day....for example.
I love these buttons.
The model, in crazy evening light through our living room window. I'm hoping to get a 'going to school' shot tomorrow.
The hood was too hot this evening but she enjoyed having a big enough button to do up and undo over and over again.
Mission. Accomplished.


Char-char said...

GET... OUT... OF... HERE!!!!!!!!

Lizard said...


Yvette said...

Gotgeous. Yes, that center round button is a stunner.

Amanda Pedro said...

geesh woman! it's been a month. give something witty to the curious neighbour!