Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pro: Generational impact

Fenner and I were up North last weekend for a reboot weekend. Jason has been the primary parent for the past 2 weeks while my sisters and I tried to help my Mother with the overwhelming tasks associated with death.

Work has been full tilt and I've been really distracted while on deck. Jason needed some alone time and Fenner and I needed to get back online.

Last weekend was our chance. Con: I had to work for half of the days. Pro: Fenner absolutely loves my sister, Elizabeth, and my Mom. She baked pies with Mom and swam until she was blue in the face. At least, I cling to that pro because I'm a self-flagellating Mom who should not have been dividing her time between work and home...again, but that's not a new or original theme is it now?

On Sunday, I got back to the cottage and she was wedged in between Mom and Liz for nap. Mom was reading her a story and "rocking". This is an age old tactic she and Dad used to use to NUKE us kids into nap submission. There is no way to resist the combination of comfort and incredible body heat and if there was any soupcon of revolution in the air, my Mom would start rocking her body back and forth in a small, smooth gentle motion.

In minutes we'd be out.

Tonight, as we tried to settle she turned to me and said, "Mommy, please can you rock? No, not like Nan?"

I do believe, I'll end on a Pro thankyouverymuchMom.

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Anonymous said...

That rocking still works!
I love your daughter so much, she knows the good stuff.
Auntie Liz