Monday, August 16, 2010

Highlights from July

I cannot fathom how to write some of these drafts I've got in progress. I don't have a lot of brainpower right now and my Mimi, Husband and Knitting all deserve more than I've got.

Thus, a photblog bitches.

What better way to spend gridlock than making funny faces at me while wearing a crown.
Fenner had her first couple of runs through White's Falls at the cottage. I told her she couldn't touch the white water until she was paying taxes on her income but until then she and I could ride the current through the shallows. She loved it!
First dress up day at school. Luckily Grandma knew it was coming and made Fenner the most amazing ladybug costume. It was ridiculously cute. She has a matching purse filled with show and tell to enjoy.
The Taste of Little India introduced balloon animals back into the house. Jason knows how to make them and Fenner thought it was the most magical thing in the world to have a hat WITH a flower MADE OUT OF BALLOONS. Holy sweet jesus!
Jason and I had our anniversary in July. We went for dinner at Terroni. That place is romantic at all times. It was fabulous.
More soon. I'm going to try and do small 'placeholder' posts to hold me down until the weekend.

Hi Kristin!!


Kristan said...

Seeing pictures of Fenner makes my ovaries throb. SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Meg & Olan said...

That is the cutest little ladybug OF ALL TIME.