Monday, June 21, 2010

What do you get when...

you have 24 balls of Noro in 4 different colourways, the wedding of couple who love DIY and a limited budget.

Why, embark on a Lizard Ridge extravaganza of course! Those of you still with me lo these long years might remember the first time I took this amazing blanket on. I still love it. I won't be knitting this c*cks*cking blanket again but I'm still in love with the finished product.

I started it 6 weeks before the wedding and finished in 3 days after the big day. I was two thirds finished the final strip when we left Toronto with the first three strips blocked and ready to be sewn. I was committed to being done the knitting by the time we landed in Victoria.
OCD goal oriented behaviour can only end in an awkward bathroom encounter. Not to equate my knitting ambition with any untoward behaviour by republican leaders, I'm just got awkward.

Hygiene be damned, I gave that strip a good bath in our hotel room when it was done. Here's the business shot of the strips. Instead of doing each square with a different colourway, I picked four colourways and sewed the strips together.
I had the whole thing sewn together by the rehearsal night dinner and was ready to smoke through the crocheted border when I realized that: a) the circumference of this blanket is very long and b) Denny did the border on my first Lizard, thus allowing me to live in ignorant bliss for 3 years longer and c) booze and wedding parties do not enhance focus nor stick-to-itiveness whatsoever.

I finished the border 3 days later chilling out on MacKenzie Beach and drinking a civil glass of club soda. I'm still fondling the memories of my vacation....yeah, I said fondling. It was really that good.
This was the view from our cottage. Fondle was an understatement, I may just have teabagged my own vacation memories.

Here's a Lizard posing strategically lounging on the driftwood. I picked four colourways that inspired images in my mind: Sunrise, Sandy Beaches, Oceans and Sunsets. Am ecstatic with how well Noro served my mind's eye.
Happily, not as ecstatic as my sister and my new amazing brother were. I'd have an amazing picture of the two of them snuggling under it but what with being newlyweds and all, I'm not sure I want that picture.

Considering that Liz has cornered the market on my families total quotient of discretion, she is, at this minute writhing with mortification at the fact I have referred to tea bagging, fondling and her sex life all on a web site. I'd be sorry except she'd be mortified if I mentioned chaste public kisses as well.

Hey Pat and Liz - you see what I did there??? Inferred that you guys HAVE SEX on a public forum. YOW!!


Liz said...

No mortification here my friend. You're standard potty mouth is standard.

And we LOVE the blanket so much we'll take your standard fair any day!

meghan & olan said...

whatever she says, we all know that she blushed. This was the best post ever.

Carol said... would be fondling and secksay times under a LIZARD RIDGE blankie. That ups the coolnes quotient quite lot. IMHO