Friday, June 25, 2010

New project: Robotic Chocolate Butterflies

In case y'all were wondering if I still made anything. Here you go.

Back in early June one of my oldest friends turned 35 and had a birthday blow out at her new condo. She's that sassy smart single copywriter about town living the urban dream. Multi-talented comedienne, actress and now playwright, she's a glamour puss that really brings the sparkle to my normally pragmatic functional perspective.

I love it. So when she asked me to bring cupcakes to her party I had to try something a little out of the ordinary into the world of romantic delicious.

Her very own Army of Chocolate Butterflies.
The wings are carefully crafted using dark belgian chocolate wafers and red candy melting wafers. I melted the dark chocolate and made the outline then used the red to fill them in, I used toothpicks to create the detailing on each wing before the chocolate had set.

Yes, I drank. I also, took a page from the popcorn incident and started making the wings a week in advance.
Jason's folks had come to town to babysit and visit and were superhero's! Debbie made the most amazing vanilla cupcakes - light, fluffy and delicate. The perfect resting place for what I was, by the end, calling the bastard butterflies.

Here's a close up, I'd like to draw attention to the worst part of the decorating, the individually made butterfly antennae - maddeningly delicate. It's worth mentioning that by the time we were adding the antennae we were late for the party and Fenner was absolutely freaking out that she need one to eat RIGHT NOW.

Even Grandpa could not distract her from the mission of eating one. Let's take moment of silence for the fallen brother.
My army waiting for their computer chips and antenna. I love love love the way the wings turned out. It was worth the time consumption.
This second foray into OCD cupcake decorating for people who have no experience has been brought to you by Hello, Cupcake. I look forward to the day that I'm comfortable enough with some of these ideas that I can execute my own creative ideas.


Liz said...

total. artist. unbelievable!

yarnsalad said...

You can come to a party at my house any time!

indigodragonfly said...

You are SO in charge of cupcakes for the next "OMG KIM NEEDS FRIENDS!" knitting retreat next Feb. Do not think this gets you out of making us scones.

Pierrette said...

ok Jen,

these way too cool...

Sally said...

Cannot believe the beauty of those cupcakes...........
Super Woman!!!!!!

Love Sally