Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Our Father's Day plans got derailed by an unpleasant stomach bug so in lieu of a picnic and fun at Riverdale Farm Jason did the grocery shopping, childcare and made me sleep. If we're lucky he won't get the stomach flu for Father's Day.
Suffice to say, he is a better father and husband that I could have dreamed for. The perfect foil for my hijinks and balance to my life. He has endless energy for Fenner and an imagination that brings her on adventures that expand her horizons beyond the day to day.

Talking stuffed animals, stories and made up games are his domaines and Fenner loves them dearly. The dude's not afraid of a nasty diaper, bucket of vomit, cleaning or cooking either. Yup, the whole package.
You're the best Hon!

Aren't we lucky to have had a couple of wicked awesome templates to follow as well?

Thanks Steve for setting Jason up so well.

Dad, thanks for setting me up with high expectations of Fathers - Jason's doing a magnificent job at fulfilling them.

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Samantha said...

What a wonderful tribute. :)