Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What's in your queue?

I work from home not self-employed but for a US consulting company. There are many many awesome benefits to working from home but wardrobe maintenance and social skills are not part of them. Tack on a 2.5 year old and aggressive budget, my home has become my kingdom. We try and make our home life as creatively and socially fulfilling as possible because, it's just cheaper.

To satisfy my Gemini need for people we try and have close friends and family over for dinner a few times a month, Jason has really found a love of baking and we have made exploring our cookbooks a part of our weekly rituals. Cooking has turned into a form of date night during which if we're lucky and Fenner is chilling out - we can decompress from the business of life.

I know I'm not original in any way but as someone who had made a decade long lifestyle choice to eat out and drink to excess every night of the week - this is a huge huge evolution for me. My fear (this might be borne out of my own set of neuroses) is that when things get truly complicated (we have more than 1 teenager) and family dinners becomes a luxury - we'll be out of the habit.

Anyway, all this to say is that the heart of my professional and most of my creative life can be found in my office (after much pleading from Jason to contain the wool!!!).

Here's what I have on the go right now as both stress relief and stress induction. It's also nice to have a reminder that there is life outside of my professional deadlines and pressures.
I'm in the heat of the final week and a half of a secret project that I can't talk about in detail. Those of you in the know will recognize some of it here in my wall picture here, in this growing pile of Noro. The project is shaping up nicely despite the 3 days of my schedule I lost to cottage opening.
Some amazing nameless MCN Lace from my friend Kim which will be some beautiful triangular foreign sounding shawl as the pot of gold at the end of the deadline rainbow. This lies in wait for my vacation. Behind the MCN you'll see some smooshy Romni of my own making - fleece bought at the Royal Winter Fair. I have fantasies of Alice Starmore. Celtic/Aran something fantastic.
Handspun Spunky Eclectic fibre of the month called Pomegranate. I have a more detailed post about the spinning of it. I found it a challenging fibre to spin, never done a Shetland before...may never again to be honest. It will be wound up for a hat and mitts for vacation knitting.
Nice little fantasy life right on my wall - organized, planned, perfect.


Elizabeth said...

Why are you keeping secrets from me? Don't think I haven't notice you mention this "secret project" before. I have. Why haven't you told me about it?

Jen said...

Because you have a habit of letting the cat out of the bag Ms Thang.


Elizabeth said...

hmmmm, yes, this "might" be true.