Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The end must be nigh...right? right?!

We're on vacation in BC right now for a family wedding. I've been working on a very strict and ambitious project deadline for the past 6 weeks. I thought I could finish the knitting work by the time our flight landed so I could spend the week pre-wedding, assembling the project in between wedding jobs and events.

I was three rows away from finishing the last piece of my secret deadline project when our flight to Victoria landed, so I went to the bathroom so that I would get a chance to finish it before we reached the baggage claim. Jason knew that my extended bathroom break was not a naturally occurring event...

A deadline is a what you make it: firm or flexible and I'm out of time for flexibility. Cue the Mission Impossible soundtrack. It's game time.

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meghan said...

Bwa ha ha... can't wait to hear the deets.