Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ides of May

I finished my first commissioned projects in March a family of Cabled Newsboy Caps from Stitch and Bitch Nation. The family consisted of a six month old bun - so I aimed on the big side so it was just a wee tight on Fenner.
One for the new Matriarch. Pardon the bershon but I was focusing on my awful webcam and trying to show the cables.
And one for the patriarch. I include this picture even though the quality is low because a) my hair looks uncharacteristically well behaved and b) it's the last picture of my Olympic project that I have before I mailed it off to it's new owner.
There were a couple of other tossed off tuque and hat projects in March. My goal was to knit from pre-caked wool and left overs for the whole month. It was satisfying. June may develop the same goal - maybe with the additional theme of toys.

We here at the Hendriks/Gemmill abode are currently preparing to fly out to Vancouver Island for my wee sister's wedding at the end of May. Fenner will be the flower girl. I think it's pretty awesome that she refers to this dress as her Princess dress. Now that she's in daycare I suspect the ante of princessness will be upped substantially.


meg said...

I think it's definitely a princess dress! What a fun time you will all have, I can't wait to see the pictures, there will be princesses aplenty!

charlotte said...

love her.