Friday, April 16, 2010

Finished MFFO

This sweater has been ongoing since well before June of 2008. If it wasn't for the blog I probably would have blocked out the fact that I've knit it at least 1.5 times.

This fact makes it my first real MFFO. Mothahfucking Finished Object. It was worth every stitch. My first husband sweater, first zipper and first virtually complete reknit project.

He looks great though doesn't he?
It turned out exactly as I'd hoped. This makes 3 projects in a row. My first handspun shawl being the first, a yet to be blogged about Fenner sweater and this bad boy.
Not only did I exhibit endurance - knitting this sweater first without swatching which would have made it the perfect item for a morbidly obese midget. But then reknitting the whole thing AND putting in the zipper backwards before removing my head from my own bum.

See that moss stitch. I know it's impeccable because my friend Molly has seen it and said so. Molly has an eye for the detail dontcha know.
What a handsome fella. These past few weeks, he's really shown the same level of endurance, patience and stick-to-itiveness that, had it been focussed on knitting would have produced an equally perfect sweater.
Instead, his demonstrations of patience produced a pretty well adjusted toddler heading out for her first foray into the real world.
Fenner started going to daycare part time this week and Jason really worked hard at making this transition as painless as it could possibly be for both me and her. He primed her about how exciting going to 'school' was going to be. He made sure she knew how to ask for what she needed from her teachers and her new friends.

Most of all Fenner felt like a superhero for embarking on this new adventure - for being afraid and saying so, being brave and making new friends, loved and solid at home, celebrated for being an independent ass kicker of a person.

I feel like we could have all made this leap if he wasn't the involved and invested Father that he is but none of us would have landed as gracefully as we did if he wasn't.

If I could knit him a painful sweater like this every month I would.


Molly said...

It looks fantastic on him!

Signed, your anal-retentive friend Molly

Jen said...

I love my detail oriented Ladies Molly! One day I fantasize of a little of that detail rubbing off on me....wait a second, did I just hit on you?

charlotta said...

i like the link to the wikipedia... how do you find these things? :o)