Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Adventures of Nanny Debbers and the Elusive Ms. FBomber

Well, we knew that this day would come, in fact, some theorized that this day would have come much sooner but we've had an incredible long and super fun ride. Previous installments of The Adventures of Nanny Debbers and The F-Bomb can be found here, here and here.
I would say that one of the many luxuries we've been able to enjoy since Debra came to work with us were all of the daily updates that she would send us. Here are some of thel moments that Debra has shared with me over the past 6 months.

It seems sad that parents miss those magic 'slice of life' moments that can be so poetic. Maybe it's because we're not there that they are poetic but I could never help but be so jealous that I missed them.
Not only did Debra become an integral part of our nuclear family but she became a member of our neighborhood community. She became close friends with a number of families in our community and generally keeping Fenner social and part of the fabric of our street.

This can't always have been easy since Mothers, like any other professional group, bond best with each other but she is nothing if not stubborn and romanced her way into everyone's hearts.
Adventures were had all over Toronto - the Toronto Botannical Gardens
The Riverdale Farm is still one of her favourite places to go, as often as possible.
Dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum. She knows EXACTLY how to dig up a dino-bone without any tutoring. Makes my nerdy science sisters happy.
In fact, how often can you say your child's caregiver was loved not only by the parents but of the extended family? Brunch with Liz in BC, zoo trips with Charlotte and car picnics with my Mom. In the course of our relationship, my family got just a taste of what Fenner enjoyed every day.

It's been a fantastic run. Today, Debra spent her first day living the life of a full time visual artist (don't worry folks - we have regular dinners planned) and Fenner spent her first day at 'school'.

Both adventures will no doubt be spectacular successes.