Monday, March 01, 2010

Of kittens and children

It's been an exciting weekend here. Olympic mastery and fibre retreats abound. It's going to take longer to write about the weekend than I have right now so I just want to touch base and finish the "Cold Front" post with the finished shawlette after I reminded it who was boss.

Much better eh?
Also, my sister Charlotte came to bring Fenner to the ROM's Bat Cave today. She brought the newest member of her family.

Note Fenner's, plumber's butt: THAT IS A TOILET TRAINED CRACK YO!


Elizabeth said...

Toilet trained?!?! When did that happen? Vancouver was AMAZING

Amanda Pedro said...

love it. such excitement for an oblivious kitty. And the plumber's butt, don't ya just love low rise pants for active toddlers??!!?!!
Congrats on having new money to spend on vino. (what else are you gonna spend your diaper money on? really?)

Anonymous said...

Love the shawlette and note you used 298 metres of yarn--I have pretty much the same amount to make something similar for my Mum--can you give me the dimensions of yours so I can see if it will be big enough? ( I thought I would have to do something much more open to get it large enough). Many thanks, Barbie O. in Montreal

Meg said...

I could seriously eat her UP! Plumber's bum and all. Congrats on the toilet training too, it's makes all the difference in the world!

charlotte said...

the company firewall must have blocked the plumber buttt. oh big brother, whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy