Monday, March 22, 2010

...and the Oscar for Tardy Micromanagement goes to ME.

I went to an Oscar party to celebrate the luxury of eating and the art of bitchiness with my urban family who excel at the Oscars in a way that I can only fantasize about.

Jason and I made cupcakes for the event. J is a baker extra-ordinaire and made some traditional vanilla cupcakes from scratch as the base. They were delicious, perfectly sweet and moist. That's right - MOIST.
We took turns prepping the kajillion yellow and white marshmallows which was incredibly tedious. Really cutting mini marshmallows in thirds? Really?!?
Cupcake Director. The cupcake recipe and idea came from Hello Cupcake
The army that I will use to conquor the world, 1 marshmallow induced diabetic at a time. BOW DOWN BEFORE THE POPCORN!
Insert my theme song, here
All for the joy of a bowl of popcorn in disguise. I loved this project - how goofy and perfect for a gloomy sunday afternoon.


Sandra said...

I have that book! I love that book! (I made the corn on the cob cupcakes at the cottage last summer - very popular...

charchar said...

those look amazing, really

charlotta said...

i don't understand, are they tiny, tiny cupcakes?

Pierrette said...

Oh so cool

I love this

楊偉誠 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot