Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random Sunday

We had one of those weeks that everyone got sick and yet through the tumult of it all we had unbelievable luck.

Bad: My youngest sister Liz flew to Ottawa on Friday (last week) so we drove out to Brockville for a family weekend. Fenner started to barf on Saturday night.

Good: We got to go skating on the Rideau Canal for Winterlude before she got sick.
Bad: While Fenner barfed on pretty much every set of sheets and blankets that Charlotte had (Thank you for hosting us Charlotte!!) Jason and I were up pretty much the whole night. On Sunday we had to cancel our visit to F's Grandparents - J and I were exhausted and I was *uber* sensitive.

Good: Fenner got to be snuggled by 2 of her Aunties when she wasn't feeling so hot. Liz lives in Victoria now so any time we get to spend with her is golden. I can't believe I'm going to admit this, but snuggling a 2 year old is facilitated by sick.
Bad: Fenner stopped barfing for the entirety of our drive back to Toronto, but started up again on Monday morning.

Good: Jason could take the morning off work so I could have some meetings and I took the afternoon off.

Bad: By the time I got sick, out caregiver was sick so I wasn't able to sleep it off until I finally cried uncle and called Jason to come home. I felt guilty and ashamed for not going solo - then I realized that it's a stupid cross to bear if it's not necessary.

Good:I slept for the next 8 hours and woke up in time to watch the Olympic ceremonies and send Jason off to make the funny. Meet my Olympic yarn. Come the end of the Olympics it will be a beautiful blanket for a coworker. I can't wait.

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