Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet dream are made of these

So these last few weeks we've been trying to regulate our evenings so that this beast has a snowball's chance in hell of getting better sleep habits.

One of our week rituals is that I have friends come for dinner - we eat, sometimes we knit, we have a couple of glasses of wine, J puts F to bed and all is well in the world. Well, this is Fenner's memory/dream of the last dinner we had with Coco. Make note that she's talking about having ice cream after dinner.

I think it's pretty cool that she's telling us stories or memories now. I think it's even cooler that Debra got a new phone and it takes killer video and pics.

It's been a fun adventure week. Witness, adventures at Riverdale! Thank god because it seems to be a soul and spirit crushing sort of a week for me. I'm sure next week will feel better. Right?


Elizabeth said...

That's a frame worthy photo! And the video made me want to get on a plane and gobble her up. Can't wait to see you guys!
Aunty Liz

alyson said...

Delicious (not the discussion of the food, per say, but the little girl). Don't you marvel at how your heart can take it! Such sweetness.

tapeheads said...

Fenner is so adorable!
btw, Debra should call Joe up when they are going to the farm. Z is always up to a visit with the goats!