Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Small result of 2009 resolutions

Last year one of my new years resolutions was to rent the Lettuce Knit dye studio and start playing with colour. I think I made it 3-4 times before time started taking over but the results of that are here:
What's really amazing about this picture is that the two cakes of yarn that look purple are actually BRIGHT turquoise blue. Some of you may blame the glass of wine in the background but instead of sucking the colour from this picture it mostly sucked my will to live today.

It's not the wine's fault - it's the bottle and the 2:00 am homecoming. As I said to my fellow knitter clearly it's official, I'm not 20 and can't function on that little sleep.

One day I'll get a camera that actually takes pictures with the colours as they show in reality. Until then, I present to you my very first true finished object. A Toque, how Canadian! I bought the fleece back in 2006. 3 lbs of Romney specifically.

Out of my experimental dye phase came this toque. It's awesome and I love the colours. I'm going to try and take a better picture of it tomorrow during daylight hours so I can show her off.

Just in case you think it's all work and no play here at the Highfield Spinnery. My sister and I went to a New Years Eve wedding in Cambridge. There was a lot of time between the ceremony and the reception so we went tooling around and found the Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory.

What a pretty and romantic spot and don't we clean up purdy? Happy New Year!


Elizabeth said...

I love Charlotte's haircut!

Andrea said...

You finished! *love*

Anonymous said...

There's only ONE good New Year's Resolution - and that's not to make any!

Down with "constant improvement"!
Aunt Martha

David said...

LOVE your work--the colours are magnificent, and photo of you & Charlotte-----what a great blend of Fenner/Hendriks gene pool gone crazy.

Aunt Sally