Monday, January 11, 2010

Better picture worse video.

was super annoyed with the pics of my hand dyed, hand spun romney wool. This is pretty much exactly the colours of my hat. Which would fit me if I was encephalitic so it's been ripped back and restarted. Everything I knit right now is about 3 sizes too big and requires a reknit - swatch or not. I've become very zen about it but my patience is wearing thin.

LOOK AT THE COLOURS THOUGH! Two different skeins and I am so very proud of how my first experimentation in dye turned out. Renting the Lettuce Knit dye studio was worth every penny for 4 hours of alone time and the ability to not worry about getting toxic dyes all over my kitchen.

LOOK AT THAT BLUE! THE GREEN!!! Just wait until you see the same hat reknit - I'm including the brown skein too. Yummy.
My January creative glut is continuing with some experimentation with drafting and Firestar. An old friend Michelle gave me some Firestar-Tropic for my birthday 3 or 4 years ago (really that long??) I've never really known how to make the most of it until my friend Denny introduced me to a drum carder.

I want to show you pictures of the process in better light maybe tomorrow you'll see me outside with what looks like piles of fluff in my front yard. If romance was something to be spun - it would be what I am making.

In other news, Fenner seems to be following in the footsteps of her Aunties and Nan in their scientific endeavours. A really dark video of this working picture...she is very busy - can you guess what she's discovering?


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