Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet dream are made of these

So these last few weeks we've been trying to regulate our evenings so that this beast has a snowball's chance in hell of getting better sleep habits.

One of our week rituals is that I have friends come for dinner - we eat, sometimes we knit, we have a couple of glasses of wine, J puts F to bed and all is well in the world. Well, this is Fenner's memory/dream of the last dinner we had with Coco. Make note that she's talking about having ice cream after dinner.

I think it's pretty cool that she's telling us stories or memories now. I think it's even cooler that Debra got a new phone and it takes killer video and pics.

It's been a fun adventure week. Witness, adventures at Riverdale! Thank god because it seems to be a soul and spirit crushing sort of a week for me. I'm sure next week will feel better. Right?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Moustaches and Cupcakes: The definition of a good Saturday

Jason and I have been trying to restock our parenting toolbox this past week as we re-examined our night time rituals. For the past year Jason has done the bath and bed time and I would do the 11:30 pm and 3:00 am nursing often times falling asleep in Fenner's bed till morning.
Our attempts to get her to sleep through the night have wrought nothing but the pain of a thousand angry distrustful babies into our nights and after 2 days I realized that somehow...SHE WILL STILL LEARN TO READ ONE DAY. A most telling sign that we were fucking up a good thing is that she STOPPED USING THE POTTY for Jason and I. A previous potty user in the house she stopped using it at all...she'd use it for Debra but would pee everywhere for J and I.

Like a cat, she sends a message loud and clear. So we went back to the system that got us all the most sleep.
Worked out well since Nan came to visit on Friday night and our normal schedule allowed us to play. Witness the amazing Moustache game!
We had a great night sleep and spent the morning singing songs and playing games with my Mom. Today Fenner had the moment of understanding that Mom's prosthetic wasn't just a tool for exploration but that Mom needed it to come walking with her. It's an amazing thing to witness, the comprehension of necessity from a 2 year old.

She needed a few minutes to process the biological reality of 1 leg not 2, before she got right back down to playing with Mom for the rest of the morning. I just wish Mom would stop singing Lizzie B...it's a really hard song to get out of our heads, and it's kind of creepy coming from Fenner.

We had enough time to have nap before F's posse came by for some cupcake fun. Leo, Max (who didn't get caught on film) and Aviva came by for some play time.
Fenner doesn't have so many boys in her life Max, Leo and her cousin Luke seem to be her Boys. Leo is 6 months older than Fenner and I remember when she was just a newborn the age difference seemed like an impossible gap that would never close.These two can play for hours without any interference from Aviva and I. Not a squeal of rage, tear of injustice or temper tantrum of sharing to be had. I've never seen anything like it. At one point I went down to the basement to check on them half expecting that they'd be making out on the couch listening to Pink Floyd or something, while Max fooled around on the internet.

This is what they were doing though. Of course, all the self amusement just allowed Aviva and I to make ourselves a little sick eating these glorious cupcakes.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Better picture worse video.

was super annoyed with the pics of my hand dyed, hand spun romney wool. This is pretty much exactly the colours of my hat. Which would fit me if I was encephalitic so it's been ripped back and restarted. Everything I knit right now is about 3 sizes too big and requires a reknit - swatch or not. I've become very zen about it but my patience is wearing thin.

LOOK AT THE COLOURS THOUGH! Two different skeins and I am so very proud of how my first experimentation in dye turned out. Renting the Lettuce Knit dye studio was worth every penny for 4 hours of alone time and the ability to not worry about getting toxic dyes all over my kitchen.

LOOK AT THAT BLUE! THE GREEN!!! Just wait until you see the same hat reknit - I'm including the brown skein too. Yummy.
My January creative glut is continuing with some experimentation with drafting and Firestar. An old friend Michelle gave me some Firestar-Tropic for my birthday 3 or 4 years ago (really that long??) I've never really known how to make the most of it until my friend Denny introduced me to a drum carder.

I want to show you pictures of the process in better light maybe tomorrow you'll see me outside with what looks like piles of fluff in my front yard. If romance was something to be spun - it would be what I am making.

In other news, Fenner seems to be following in the footsteps of her Aunties and Nan in their scientific endeavours. A really dark video of this working picture...she is very busy - can you guess what she's discovering?


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Small result of 2009 resolutions

Last year one of my new years resolutions was to rent the Lettuce Knit dye studio and start playing with colour. I think I made it 3-4 times before time started taking over but the results of that are here:
What's really amazing about this picture is that the two cakes of yarn that look purple are actually BRIGHT turquoise blue. Some of you may blame the glass of wine in the background but instead of sucking the colour from this picture it mostly sucked my will to live today.

It's not the wine's fault - it's the bottle and the 2:00 am homecoming. As I said to my fellow knitter clearly it's official, I'm not 20 and can't function on that little sleep.

One day I'll get a camera that actually takes pictures with the colours as they show in reality. Until then, I present to you my very first true finished object. A Toque, how Canadian! I bought the fleece back in 2006. 3 lbs of Romney specifically.

Out of my experimental dye phase came this toque. It's awesome and I love the colours. I'm going to try and take a better picture of it tomorrow during daylight hours so I can show her off.

Just in case you think it's all work and no play here at the Highfield Spinnery. My sister and I went to a New Years Eve wedding in Cambridge. There was a lot of time between the ceremony and the reception so we went tooling around and found the Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory.

What a pretty and romantic spot and don't we clean up purdy? Happy New Year!