Monday, April 27, 2009

Expressions of Love.

This is the first year that I've given something to the love of my life for Valentine's Day. I gave him my alpaca knit heart. Some of the many skills that I don't have are those that relate to subterfuge. Oh my god I'm a terrible secret keeper - usually I leave the project around or talk about incessantly because I'm so excited.

He loved it and because I started it 3 days before Valentine's Day - it was a total surprise. TAKE THAT SUBTERFUGE!
Another organ I love. This should surprise almost noone. My colleague and good friend's has recently come under attack and she was heading into surgery again today. Meet the decoy that I've made. Her son will be naming her - he has a knack for naming knitted toys himself. Spring has sprung and at one point or another Fenner has turned into a grinning adventure of a kid. You can tell she's the first bean -every time we whip out a camera she smiles like her life depends on it. It's killing me.
The park is the best place to go to run amok - she's kept warm in all the handknits from Grandma Gemmill. The first time she wore this sweater was at the Emergency Room but it's much better suited to keeping her warm while she learns how to climb like a mad fool!

Spring rain is no reason not to get some outdoor time either. In fact it's even better to play in!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Momma likes her hyberbolic geometry.

New month new life! Take it fates! Fuck the fatigue! Fight the power!

I'm going to yoga tonight, granted it's restorative to the point that I'm in a coma.

Last time I did the class the instructor actually told us we needed 4 pillows and then proceeded to instruct us on how to lie on them in different ways. It was divine.

Speaking of divine. This clip hypnotizes me. Next up - knitting. Just you wait. There are organs.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Do over please.

I don't think we have ever spent so much time sick as this month. We had our first emergency visit, ambulance ride, Jason passed out in the bathroom, and I, not surprisingly, for the life of me couldn't remember what day it was at any point. It was all we could do to get through keeping our jobs, poo contained, fridge filled and all while being on speaking terms.

Automatic pilot just to get through the month.


1. Brunch with Megan and her delightful beans in their new house
2. New Camcorder gift from Jason's parents - TOO. MUCH.
3. Brunch with neighbors on Friday which led to this delightful demonstration of the new skills these kids developed this month.

The colds ripped through all the kids on the street as demonstrated by Fenner and Ella's great ability to blow their noses on everything!

Ella is Fenner's BFF and watching the two of them mac on each other makes my head explode.