Thursday, December 24, 2009

Moving right along.

Where the hell did the Fall go? Clearly, I was riding high on the effects of better sleep patterns and healthy living in November.

Blogging is the first on the activities to go in times of sleeplessness and busy work. Sorry about that. One of my resolutions is to keep it regular if not often - my writing is getting sloppy as a result.

On that note - PICTURES!

Ill fitting cashmere hat and alpaca cables in tree.
Play date in awesome neighbourhood. I had the opportunity to look after Fenner's friend Ella of rolling rolling fame. These kids are such hams.
To end the year I give you my family's annual sleigh ride and visit with Mimi, Fenner's Great-Grandmother. In this case wearing a cashmere Pretty Thing - as a knitter during the acrylic years, Mimi deserves as much cashmere as I can get her.

Fenner loves Mimi like no kid I've ever seen and vice versa. It melts my cold dead heart every time we get together to watch them play.
One of the few and far between pictures of me with my older brother, Dan. I dig this guy - great Dad, solid husband and fine example of a brother. We had a great time at the annual Hendriks' Christmas party this year. Many laughs.
Fenner has been talking about her cousins for the past 3 months. There are 4 of them the youngest of which is Luke - who wore Fenner's snowsuit last. Every time she puts that snowsuit on we talk about Cousin Lukie. He is a year older than she and is a total snuggle bunny which is a perfectly complimentary skillset when she has been tired out by RUNNING WITH COUSIN CLAIRE!

Maddy, the eldest of the 4 cousins, has mad herding skillz when it comes to getting her siblings, cousin, adults out the door. I'm not sure when she grew up in the last 4 months but holy hannah I know adults that could learn a thing or two about patience, compromise and staying true to themselves from this person.
F and I have had a couple of evening's flying solo over the past few weeks. We've found a way to make wool together. She often requests some time to make some wool - if my reserves of patience allows it we'll take some time to spin and twirl.

A natural evolutions from rolling if you ask me.


Rachel H said...

I love the way Fenner's looking at her Great Grandmother in that photo. So very sweet.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, my lovely.

Amy R Singer said...

is that...HAIR on Fenner's head? it's lovely! and curly! worth waiting for.


Andrea said...

Do you need anymore members in your family, because the continued awesomeness of your blood line has made me decide to put myself up for adoption. Just saying.
Merry, Merry Christmas!

rams said...

Yes! She posts! Chalking a pentacle on the floor to invoke all effective guilt for the coming year -- and subliminal suggestions, too. [post. post. post...]

Jen Anderson said...

That's so awesome that she spins with you!